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Quanteze recognises that businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the range of low cost online survey tools to conduct their own market or customer research but that many lack the in-house expertise or time to produce optimum questionnaires, execute projects or analyse and bring the findings to life.

Our consultants come from research agency or clientside research backgrounds and all have significant experience in using online survey tools. They also understand how to present results effectively, tell a compelling story and communicate insights to the range of business stakeholders.

Tap into market research industry expertise and add priceless value to your online surveys. Don’t let low cost mean low value market research!

Questionnaire Drafting or Review
It’s so important to get your questionnaire right. It involves careful planning, application of market research best practice and attention to detail.
Survey Set-Up and Execution
We can transfer questions to online survey software and ensure the correct options are selected.
Analysis and Results Charting
We can conduct a thorough analysis of your results, uncovering hidden insights.

High quality charting brings your findings to life and helps ensure business decisions can be made

How to gain website feedback from your users with a tiny budget and virtually zero effort!

Your website is the online window into your business, organisation or brand. It conveys your core values and brand personality. If you are a mainly offline organisation it can be the first point of contact for many in your target audience. Visitors form a judgement...

5 reasons why an online survey is calling!

Now is a great time of the year to run a low cost online survey of your users or customers. In this blog post we give 5 reasons why: 1. Grab some free media attention At a peak time of the year for many businesses it is an ideal time to secure some free media coverage...

Unlocking insight to improve London cycling experiences

An online survey designed to provide great social media content, media attention and unlock insight into a particular cohort

Ensuring your survey sample reflects your target audience

A discussion of key considerations and tips for ensuring your online survey sample reflects your target audience

Net Promoter Score (NPS): What is the fuss about?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) can add real value to your customer satisfaction survey. We outline why and what you also need to consider

Grid questions – why we try to avoid them

Grid questions should be avoided in online surveys due to the rapid growth of mobile respondents and quality concerns with complex question structures

Create a call to action for your survey

In this post we consider how to create a call to action for your survey by calling on marketing and sales skills, and considering human psychology

5 tips to improve your mobile surveys

We give 5 tips for highly effective mobile surveys. With growing numbers of mobile respondents it’s time to start designing surveys for mobile first

The popularity of online surveys: we’re all market researchers now

It’s hard to avoid online surveys. Anyone can conduct market research now but, like any skill, there is more to it than there looks

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