5 reasons why an online survey is calling!

Now is a great time of the year to run a low cost online survey of your users or customers. In this blog post we give 5 reasons why:

1. Grab some free media attention

At a peak time of the year for many businesses it is an ideal time to secure some free media coverage and attention. Organisations are increasingly running surveys to generate unique content for external communications. It’s something we are keen to develop and we’re confident we would have some great suggestions no matter which sector you operate in. We’re particularly proud of a project just run for Stolen Ride London and London Cycling Campaign which tackles aspects of cycling that are not often discussed.

2. Traditional market research is booked out but online is open for business!

It is a very busy time for market research agencies. Many clients are keen to complete projects before the end of the year, which puts pressure on agencies who need to book out interviewers. It means that most agencies will be unable to take on new projects at this stage in the year. A key advantage of online surveys is that they are not constrained by some of these limitations of traditional methodologies. As long as there are customers engaging with your brands, you can set surveys to understand their motivations and thoughts.

3. Engage your social media communities

It’s a great time to engage your social audiences with interesting insights-driven content. Survey findings can be re-purposed into interesting info-graphics and to get cut-through on the major social platforms.

Also bear in mind that Christmas is a key time of the year for new smartphones and tablets. Many websites and social networks see spikes in usage over the festive period as new devices get a full digital workout.

4. Get ahead and make some impact in January!

Gain deep insight now and you’ll have fresh user and customer insight to hit the ground running with in January and drive some change within your business. While it may take other colleagues weeks to shake off the festive hangover and distractions of New Year job searches you’ll look sharp with your fresh insights and thinking, and ready to wow your senior team!

5. Don’t lose the year end leftover budget

Many companies financial year ends at the end of the year and there is often spare budget available, even if it is only in the hundreds. Let’s face it, if it doesn’t get used this year it will be lost.

There’s still plenty of time to run a large or small online project before the end of the year. And remember, not having the time, ideas, large budget or research expertise are no longer barriers to getting the insight your organisation needs!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the options that may be available to you, or simply to ask us anything, at contact@quanteze.com