Survey Analysis and Results Charting

Online survey tools all provide some level of visualization of results. Generally these are very basic, difficult to read and not professional-looking enough to use directly for business communications.

Often you’ll find that you need to explore more than just top-line results by question. For instance, variations by demographics can be very revealing.

Let’s imagine you’re testing a new product proposition. Your survey may indicate limited overall appeal but there may be very strong interest among certain cohorts. Perhaps the product excites a particular age group or country market.

We can conduct a thorough analysis of your results, uncovering hidden insights.

We recommend charting the results in Powerpoint. Choosing the most effective graphical representation for each question really helps to bring your results to life and illustrate key findings.

You may only have one opportunity to convey results to your stakeholders. Ensure that you do everything possible to make the right impression!