Unlocking insight to improve London cycling experiences

In this post we thought we’d highlight an online survey we’re working on that we think will provide great social media content, media attention and ‘unlock’ insight into a particular cohort…

Survey projects are often closed fence affairs looking at website user experience or reaching out to a customer base by email. Their primary purpose is to understand user or customer perceptions or behaviour and translate that into service improvements.

It means that we’re reporting back to the client and generally can’t talk about the findings publicly.

It’s great to occasionally work on projects where the results are designed to be shared widely. The London Cycle Theft Survey, run for Stolen Ride London and London Cycling Campaign, is something we’ve been working on recently and fits that bill.

Both organisations are committed to promoting safe cycling in London and are using their influence to push for improvements that benefit those that ride in the UK capital, whether for transport or pleasure.

As we know good data can be a force for change. In this case, understanding the needs and experiences of cyclists, especially those that have suffered from cycle theft, can help the push for improved facilities and safer public spaces.

Insight from the cycling community can also help with product development. Tracking devices are still in their infancy, while lock manufacturers need insight into locking techniques.

Stolen Ride London approached Quanteze to craft a survey to capture key insights from London cyclists. It is moving into the theft prevention space this year and wanted to gain insight in 3 key areas:

  • Detailed data on London cyclists’ experiences and views
  • Security measures taken including lock types and techniques
  • Cycle theft experiences including the circumstances and how it has impacted their habits and attitudes towards cycling

Stolen Ride London would like to use the findings to help influence London cycling policy especially around the provision of secure cycle parking facilities and to position itself as an innovative brand in the security and prevention space.

We took on board the survey objectives and have focused on painting an interesting picture of London cyclists.

To have any impact it is important that press releases and social media content grab the attention of journalists and engage the wider cycling public. The more exposure the survey findings receive the better chance we have of influencing change. And driving change really is the role of any good survey.

The combined reach of Stolen Ride London and London Cycling Campaign and some useful survey launch cycle press coverage has already pushed the response to well into 4 figures. Added this, Mango Bikes kindly offered a new top spec commuter bike as a competition incentive for the survey which has drawn extra attention to the project.

We’re really looking forward to analysing this data; picking out interesting insights, creating some attractive graphics and ultimately securing the media exposure this important study demands.

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