How to gain website user feedback with zero budget and virtually zero effort!

Your website is the online window into your business, organisation or brand. It conveys your core values and brand personality.

If you are a mainly offline organisation it can be the first point of contact for many in your target audience. Visitors form a judgement based on what they experience on your site. A positive impression can result in an enquiry or offline visit.

If your business is largely online, your website is everything. It determines the level of visitor engagement and, ultimately, your revenue and profitability.

Your site analytics can give great guidance for making improvements, from highlighting tactical conversion opportunities to a strategic need to drive greater referrals from external sources such as search engines or social media.

Added to this, asking visitors for their views on your site can be more illuminating still. It can help explain some of those “why’s” behind the trends you see in your analytics.

Collecting website feedback needn’t be a burden on either resource or cost. With a little planning and the right technology you can seamlessly integrate visitor insight into your online operations.

If have limited insight into your visitors’ experience of your site a site intercept survey run over a period of a week or more (e.g. sitexperience from Quanteze) can be the optimal way of establishing its strengths and potential areas for improvement. It needn’t be intrusive and has the advantage of inviting responses from those that would not otherwise offer their feedback.

Quanteze is currently offering its sitexperience service, with questions optimised for each sector, at an unbeatable price! Just contact us to arrange this for your website.

Once you have a clear view of how your site is performing in the eyes of your audience you have the option to track experience ongoing by offering a survey to a small proportion of visitors, or simply using signposted feedback links.

Incorporating user feedback into your site evolution process can be illuminating for all involved (we’re confident it will challenge what you think you know) and can help ensure that your online real estate works for your key asset: your users.